Susan J Martin

Susan J Martin was born on 19 September 1969 in Newmarket, Suffolk. Her childhood was spent in the small town of Soham in Cambridgeshire in which she devoted most of her time looking after her disturbed family. At a young age, she was primarily recognised for her Orac construction abilities, but it was not until she attended secondary school that her unique artistic and writing skills began to be acknowledged by her teachers.

After passing her A Levels in Cambridge she drifted from rank job to rank job unable to find any real inspiration. In the late 1980's she became a successful leather jacket painter in Southampton but was abducted and brought back to Cambridge. Here she spent many years as a cleaner until, bizarrely, she achieved a first in her Combined Art History and Graphics BA (Hons) Degree. After serving a spell at English Heritage under the guise of Gossip Columnist she became a photographer. At present she conveniently works for Cambs County Council as a Project Officer on a virtual museum.

This web site is a result of countless hours of mousing and cursing. Her fascination with decent and indecent imagery was manifest from her interest in the occult combined with her fenland roots. Her devotion to the labour, however, led her to commit many acts of freelancery and unlicensed peeking and sneaking.